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Glow With Radiant Hydrafacials In Northville, MI! 


Beauty Bar 424 is happy to now offer Hydrafacials near Northville, Michigan. Our patented process will make your skin absolutely glow, and you’ll leave here radiant, confident and looking and feeling your best. 

Say hello to new skin, say hello to Beauty Bar 424

While we’re excited about hydrafacials, Beauty Bar 424 is a full-service beauty boutique near Northville, specializing in microblading, makeup and semi-permanent tattoos, eyebrows and eyelashes, and massages. If your skin needs *anything* We’re happy to take care of it. 

Have you been searching for facials in Northville? Perhaps chemical peels in Northville, or Hydrafacials in the area? No matter what your beauty needs may be, we have the services you need to look your best.

Top Quality Full Service Beauty Boutique in Northville

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Before we get into hydrafacials, we want to let you know we are a full-service beauty boutique, serving any of you skincare and body needs. In addition to Hydrafacials we offer massages, micro blading, relaxing traditional facials, tattoo lightening and removal, and eyelash extensions among other amenities. 

Beauty Bar 424 was founded and managed by a licensed esthetician with more than 10 years of experience. From this, we only employ the best, licensed professionals in the area. For any service you might choose at Beauty Bar 424, you can be sure you will be getting the absolute best. We wouldn’t have it any other way. 

At Beauty Bar 424 we always adhere to the most strict health and safety precautions, because we want you to worry about nothing while you’re here. We’re Covid safe, and take your health as seriously as your beauty— because we know when you feel good you look good. 

We’re also happy to offer a full line of beauty products in Northville as well. 

If you have any questions about the services we offer, please give us a call. We’re happy to answer any concerns you may have and to walk you through our processes. We want to help everyone look their best! And there is no better way to look great than to feel great and hold yourself with confidence. 


Our business is always, always about you.

Your Personal Northville, Michigan Hydrafacial Specialist

A hydrafacial is an innovative and safe procedure to get your facial skin looking as good as can be. We can assure you, you’ve never had a facial like this— it deep cleans, exfoliates, and then hydrates to leave your face perfectly amazing. 

Our hydrafacials happen in three steps:  

Number 1: We deep-clean your skin to get rid of any dirt you might have lurking in your pores. Our deep cleans are easy and safe for your skin, while being tough on dirt. 

Number 2: we exfoliate your skin with a special wand that removes all of your dead skin while sucking it up with a little vacuum. Don’t worry! It’s not scary at all— most patients find it calms and soothes while taking care of your face— it actually feels good. 

Number 3: We hydrate your face with products specially designed for your unique skin type leaving you looking healthy and clean.   


And that’s it! Therefore, the process is painless, relaxing, and leaves you feeling wonderful and fresh. Our motto is “We want you to blossom!” And our Hydrafacials in Northville are no exception.

Your Best Choice For Facials in Northville and Much More

When you’re looking to look your best, think Beauty Bar 424 near Northville to take care of any of your hydrafacial or full-service beauty needs. Give us a call today and take your beauty game to the next level. 

Remember, we want to help you blossom!

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